Reflections- Emlyn


Emlyn in Conversation with Mars in early March 2016, reflecting on the experiences of working as a Stage Manager on Tracks et Deraillements, the R/E public performance that took place in Janurary at the MAI.

Emlyn: On the car ride home one night with Farah, Lisa, and Alizée, and we were talking about [a specific moment in Tracks et Deraillements around an email exchange] And then we got into a separate whole conversation. I was talking to them about where I am coming from, and friends I’ve had and partners I’ve had, it sort of became a different conversation that became a personal conversation and a personal thing between me and them and it was cool and interesting and neat, and it wasn’t something that ever carried back into the group but it meant that Lisa knew and cared about the Darkmatter speech and that she kind of asked me, if you come to the show do you want me to ask you to read this. So we had a thing, because she knew this about me now and she knew that I really cared about this speech and about what was being said and that it was really relevant and personal for me. That was really neat to have that connection with her and then for her later on to ask me that. She came back, not in a direct way, but it was something she noticed, and it made me feel good. It felt good that she had asked me if I wanted to be asked to read it. And she asked me if I felt ok that I wasn’t there every night to read it and that it wasn’t my part. It was sweet and nice of her.

 Mars: It felt like being seen or heard in some way?

Emlyn: Yeah

 Mars: That’s great. I love Lisa. I think there is something- this whole thing- I’m also in the process of interviewing different people that were there- and the ways in which [the show] opened up conversations for people has been really interesting.

 Emlyn: Yeah for me that was the car ride. It was just cool to have this conversation that I might have never imagined having with them. This deeply personal conversation about pronouns and trans issues and queer issues that I wouldn’t have necessarily brought up on the car ride home with some coworkers.


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