asc_2xRencontres/Encounters (R/E) is an engaged, intercultural research-creation project, whose aim is to R/E-evaluate, R/E-envision and R/E-imagine performance as a means to build relationship across different values and life experiences. R/E aims also to offer possibilities for transformation in understanding of others and otherness in a range of community contexts.  The R/E believes that another person’s perspective can be better understood (though never even close to fully understood) through storytelling, dialogue, and through performance of oneself, and of another.

R/E asks, “What Are We Not Talking About?”

R/E wishes to share our thought-provoking, challenging and beautiful work with larger community through workshops and performances in which art-building and engagement with others can thrive. New levels of empathy are possible when we take on another’s story as if it were our own. New ways of seeing ourselves and others are illuminated, making visible both the real and perceived boundaries that prevent relationship and community between people of different immigration statuses, racializations, sexualities, gender identities, classes, faiths, abilities and other intersecting factors.

R/E asks, “What Are the Differences That Matter?”

Workshops, residencies, and internships (coming in 2016)

R/E workshops, residencies and internships will be opportunities for participants to enter into a limitless play-space. Various art forms and performance tools are used along with our personal and community cultures to explore, promote and engage, towards deeper understanding of ourselves, and of the similarities and the differences we hold. R/E facilitators create a safe play-space to confront difficult questions that are often glossed over in other contexts.

R/E believes that talking and playing together around those “Differences That Matter” holds possibility for changed perspectives.