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Reflections- Flick

I chatted with Flick- who came to us through his work as a videographer for the Art for Social Change project. Flick filmed the run of ‘Tracks et Deraillements’ as well as a few rehearsals before. I spoke with him a few months after about the experience as part of my series of evaluative chats. […]

Reflections- Emlyn

  Emlyn in Conversation with Mars in early March 2016, reflecting on the experiences of working as a Stage Manager on Tracks et Deraillements, the R/E public performance that took place in Janurary at the MAI. Emlyn: On the car ride home one night with Farah, Lisa, and Alizée, and we were talking about [a […]

Spring in Vermont

Spring in Vermont

RVF, Lisa, Farah and Mars peeking at new spring shoots poking out of the snow during a retreat in Vermont last weekend! We gathered to breath some mountain air and discuss the legacy collaboration with RECCA (more details soon!), evaluation of Tracks et Deraillements, and an upcoming presentation for the Canadian Association for Theatre Research; “Beyond […]

Reflections- Leyla

“I think a major takeaway was what theatre can look like when its not done in a way that is about completely draining yourself on a project. I think I learned a lot about a more communicative and nurturing process that worked really well for me and seemed to work really well for a lot […]

November 16, 2015

“I was also curious during the show to know what was improvised and what was scripted – to me it felt fresh and at the same time fluid. Also I remembered sitting on the “metro” at one point and feeling delighted and slightly rebellious to have entered the scene… I took the metro home, and […]

November 9, 2015

In Encounters, we talk to one another a LOT. We speak in English, French, Italian, Swahili, Lingali, Spanish; we raz one another about our accents and colloquialisms, we ask hard questions, we challenge one another, we share our secrets. Then, we go a step deeper, review the video and transcriptions of our own conversations, and […]

once upon a time…

“So once upon a time, there were two encounters members who had a one on one session. And we were to talk about conflicts. And so we did. But there was one particular conflict that really stuck out for me, and that was the topic of child care. You all know I am a mom, […]

How Can He Really Think That?

I sensed the audience was primarily left-leaning artist-types.  When Junior said “Sometimes a woman has to shut her mouth to let the man speak” there was an ‘ichk’ moment in the room.  After the demonstration performance, a friend came up to me and said: How can he really think that? Is he so backwards?   […]