• We act to help others and ourselves connect and learn together, despite differences.
  • We pay attention to differences that matter, and decide to work through these together.
  • Through dialogue, we uncover differences that do not matter, and then we move on.
  • We commit to staying in relationship in the present moment.
  • We commit to staying in relationship in the long term.

We aim and work for

  • The end of exclusion, oppression, and marginalization in the name of difference.
  • A transformed understanding of self, other and relationships.
  • A shift in the power of who gets to represent us, in art as in life.
  • A commitment to stay in dialogue.
  • A radical redistribution of love and respect.

We believe

  • That society needs a new equlibrium. How about an equilibrium that is, in fact, equal?
  • There are many visions of social change. Ours is but one. We are part of a bigger picture.
  • Social change through personal story and deep relationship across difference is possible.
  • That it takes multiple stakeholders, strategies and actions at different levels to raise public consciousness and disrupt forces and structures at play. We work in increments  to achieve this.
  • That we can achieve all of the above through playing together, performing ourselves for each other, and performing each other.

We commit to Experiment!

To Play and Sing and Dance! To Speak Our Personal Truths! To See What, Who and How We Are, or Wish to Be to Each Other!

We choose

To play with every person in the room
To do justice to our own and each other’s stories
To engage in relationship
mindful of
the space it takes,
the energy, heart and headache
and time
To co-exist, and work toward common intention.

And To Intentionally Make Room and Time for One Another.