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Name: Annick MF Role: Videographer
Name: Antonio Bavaro Role: Gender Performance Facilitator, Vocal Coach and Ensemble Member
Name: Emilee Veluz Role: Facilitator in text-based acting approaches and Ensemble Member
Name: Farah Fancy Role: General Manager, Community Programming Designer, and Ensemble member
Name: Junior Padingani Role: Facilitator in Central African Performance forms and Ensemble Member
Name: Kens Mukendi Role: Musician, Acrobat and Ensemble Member
Name: Leyla Sutherland Role: Research Assistant
Name: Lisa Ndejuru Role: Workshop facilitator, ensemble member and Therapist
Name: Lorna Craig Role: Project Coordinator
Name: Mars Loveseth Role: Research Assistant
Name: Ned Zimmerman Role: Web Developer and Former Research Assistant
Name: Rachael Van Fossen Role: Artistic Director and Community Liaison
Name: Rio Mitchell Role: Writing Team and Ensemble Member
Name: Saul Garcia Lopez Role: Artistic and Cultural Collaborator