How R/E came to be, and what we are doing now:

In 2010, in collaboration with the Collectif MOYO, artists originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo collaborated with students of theatre at Concordia University in an experimental workshop production titled Who/Nani/Qui, directed by Rachael Van Fossen.

In 2013 artists involved with Who/Nani/Qui returned to further and deepen this work, and formed R/E thanks to initial creation-research support from a national Art for Social Change (ASC) project, led by Judith Marcuse.

Performance History:

2010-2011: Who/Nani/Qui (Montreal)

July 2011: WNQ: A multi-vocal performative presentation  and workshop (Goddard College)

June 2013: Umvuayi (Eclectik Cabaret, Montréal, arts interculturels)

September 2013: Performing Differences, (Michaëlle Jean Foundation, National Forum Power of the Arts, Ottawa)

June 2014 A Taste of Encounters: work-in-progress participatory performance and workshop (Encuentro International Symposium, Hemispheric Institute and Concordia University)

October 2014: Performing Differences Too/Two ( STP&A conference, U. Ottawa)

November 2014: R/E Demonstration Performance and Talkback (Montreal)

Moving forward:

In January 2016 R/E in collaboration with RECAA and Saul Garcia Lopez of the Pocha Nostra will lead audiences through the metro of another universe in a public performance at Montreal Arts Interculturels.

In 2015-2016 R/E will work with community partner RECAA to facilitate relationship-building processes developed by the ensemble, in tandem with a run of public performances by the ensemble. Looking ahead: R/E works closely with Le Groupe Herencias, a relatively new organization that uses the arts to provide education, training, and therapeutic intervention for the promotion, exchange, and acceptance of culture and heritage in Montreal. Le Groupe Herencias is led by R/E ensemble member Farah Fancy.

Beginning in 2017 and over the long term, Le Groupe Herencias will offer and administer programming based on R/E’s methodology, making R/E processes available in diverse community contexts.